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07:00am 18/09/2025

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I did not draw this. I just abused it for my own entertainment.
Selling my doujinshi!   
03:45am 17/05/2011
  Doujinshi from FF7, DeathNote, Gravitation, Phoenix Wright, Yami no Matsuei, and one lonely Inu Yasha book.

Mostly yaoi, ages 18+ only please.

Everything is in great condition as I've probably only looked at them about 4 times in the 5+ years I've had them.

Each book is $10.00(including the ones I paid 35 for) +shipping and order delivery confirmation. Order delivery confirmation is usually $0.70.

Paypal and money orders are awesome. Just leave me a comment/PM with the series and number you would like along with your shipping zip code. I'll check the shipping estimate through USPS and let you know what it would be.

I would mail your book out to you the Friday after payment is processed.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

Hopefully, I'll have an easier time moving now :D

DeathNote doujinshiCollapse )

Final Fantasy 7 doujinshiCollapse )

Gravitation doujinshiCollapse )

Inu Yasha doujinshiCollapse )

Phoenix Wright doujinshiCollapse )

Yami no Matsuei doujinshiCollapse )
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12:46am 13/11/2009

I think.. I can die happy.
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06:36am 27/03/2009
mood: content
It's 6:30 in the morning and I'm laying here eating shredded cheese and watching Dr. Who.

It's times like these that I realize I should be studying or writing drabbles but... that would be being productive. And eating shredded cheese never factors into anything productive.
09:09am 30/01/2009
  I'm being slightly constructive.

I've started sifting through my bookmarked fics and writing little recs for them at x_fanfic_recs_x.

Basically, I've got so much crap in my bookmarks that I don't know what it all is anymore.
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03:55am 27/01/2009
  I now realize that the cough syrup I enjoy so much does not allow me to sleep.

It's four in the morning and I'm dredging up old fanfics from my bookmarks. I do believe I may post some quotes I find amusing, because WoW is down now and my snot-consumed brain honestly has nothing better to do.

SlayersCollapse )

Fushigi YuugiCollapse )

BleachCollapse )
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Wedding cake   
01:00am 27/01/2009
mood: sick
If I ever do get married, I've decided what I want my wedding cake to be.

I want a standard, elegant, white on white wedding cake.

But I want the groom and I being chased up the tiers of the cake by zombies.

The wedding clothes must be in tatters and the tiny bride will be carrying some type of gun.

/random decision

I went to the doctor today to find out that, yes, I do have a bad cold. I was given a steroid shot in the ass, antibiotics, and cough syrup. The shot in the ass did not amuse me in the least. The shot itself doesn't hurt back there, but the burning of my ass fat that followed was not cool.

All and all, I feel the same: horrible. The shot did get rid of my random little fevers so far, so that's nice. Now I'm just sitting in a puddle of sweat and snot. Can't say for sure if that is an improvement to shivering in a puddle of snot, but it's a start.

This cough syrup is awesome though. I can talk for about an hour after I take it.
03:29am 25/01/2009
  As I go around slowly collecting coins, I realize that Hollow's End is probably the best world event. The Lunar Festival just means I have to suicide run into Horde cities for coins I can use to buy a pantsuit. A festive pantsuit.

Sword that summons pumpkins to smite my enemies/Helm that laughs evilly > festive pantsuit

The Love is in the Air event might be fun. If I remember right, there was something about perfume and flirting with guards to get love letters or something. I think this time around you get to shoot people with arrows. Arrows of love, of course, but arrows none the less.

All in all, I need to just give in to the NyQuil I took and get some sleep.

I shall probably dream of coins.

Horrible, useless coins.
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Fuck you, Ike   
05:46am 11/09/2008
  I am so tired of hurricanes.

Their asking people who live in mobile homes and easily flooded areas to leave.

I may go back to hide with Sarah and Annie. At least their apartment is made of actual building materials.. and isn't as close to the coast as I am at home.

My other options suck. If I go to my grandma's, I'm closer to the coast which is bad.

If I go to dad's I'm going to be flooded in. The drainage ditch fills up in a second and then everything is in his yard. I'll never get out and I'll float away in the cardboard box house.

I don't want to be blown away D:

On the bright side, I am kind of still packed.
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A letter to my love   
08:06pm 08/08/2008
mood: crazy
Dear computer,

Why? Why must you do this to me? What have I ever done to deserve this?

I treat you well. I keep you nice and clean. You have no viruses.

I bought you a second hard drive to keep you uncluttered.

You'll never overheat, as you have more fans than you will ever truly need.

Fans whose LEDs match the stock ones that came with your case.

Do you know how much trouble it was to find ones that matched? No. You don't.

Yet, I did it all for you.

So why?

Why do you keep making the found new hardware sound? Continuously. Without end. Nothing new is attached to you. I don't understand.

Why do you hate me when all I've ever done is love you?

The constant 'doots' are driving me insane. Is this your plan?

Please stop.

Your eternal love,
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07:55pm 16/01/2008
  I got my new glasses today :D I can see, but it's all weird and giving me a headache.

Also, I don't think Wabisuke the dwarf puffer is long for this world D: I'm hoping he'll pull through and be able to raise his head tomorrow.
01:46am 24/11/2007
mood: annoyed
Through the cave he goes,
Hiding in the plastic plant.
Swim, Wabisuke, swim.


And that is what keeps happening as I try to do my English homework.

Kira Izuru, you have ruined my work ethic.
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02:48am 11/11/2007
mood: amused
I just finished watching the first Kyo Kara Maou OAV. It was like being reunited with old friends <3 I can't wait for the second part to be subbed.

Oh, Gwendal. I've missed you. And Gunter with glasses and a high ponytail just makes me want to tap that.

Also, after watching Bleach, it's really funny to hear Yuuri. He's my little Izuru <3 ... But happy. And dumb. Very, very happy and dumb.

I kept waiting for him to say taichou, but alas. He did not.
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06:08am 13/09/2007
  Ok, I think I finally got my new stupid banner to work. If it randomly disappears I'm going to pull out my hair.. and then be sad.

Slowly, I shall convert this journal over to bleach XD;
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04:24am 13/09/2007
  Hm. So there is a hurricane outside right now. It's very loud, but otherwise I haven't even lost my wireless signal yet. I don't feel very threatened, but I am kind of worried about my poor, abused car. It doesn't sit very low to the ground, but I parked at the mailboxes, which always flood like crazy. I'll go wade out there after the hurricane passes.

Meanwhile, I will continue to buy everything in the world on ebay. Guess I really shouldn't spend my paycheck before I get it, but hey it's almost my birthday XD; I can do what I want.
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Challenge post to Sarahs   
01:18am 19/08/2007

6:22-6:48 Unohana is clearly better.

4:06-4:30 Little Kira is always better, for he is a beautiful boy.
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10:46pm 20/07/2007
  Damnit, Annie.

*^*Collapse )
06:45am 09/07/2007
mood: amused
Ok, so things I've learned from Bleach so far:

1) Strawberries are not only tasty, they can kick serious a.
2) Horrible songs should be expected when anything remotely important happens.
3) I love this face >)
4) I love this face *^*
5) Tea is not a good form of lubricant.
6) Ichimaru's penis makes this face >)
7) Much like Sarah's cravat fetish, I have a thing for redheads(Reno, Renji, Matt, Nova, Axel, Rod..).
8) Izuru is that saddest thing I have ever seen.
9) Depression makes you stinky.
10) Horny smells like cinnimon.
11) Renji smells of cinnimon.
12) Annie's Gin is awesome.
13) I'd marry him, but he'd drown me.
14) Howl, Zabimaru.
15) Raise your head, Wabiske.

All of which I'm sure will help me on my physics test.
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11:21am 05/07/2007
mood: aggravated
Ok, so my first class today got cancelled, which makes me happy :D But, of course, I don't have enough time before my next one to actually go home.

So I'm sitting in the lab all on my own. With only my aching eyes to keep me company.

They hurt D: And the earliest I can go see Dr. Wayne is the 20th which sucks. So I made an appointment with my normal doctor tomorrow at 1:30 so someone can make sure my eyes aren't about to pop out of my head.

Oh, when I do get to go to Dr. Wayne, I get to get new glasses. :D Goodbye retarded frames whom I loathe so much.

Also, I need to change my icons. I'm tired of these. (Though I did forget about this Krad one.. )
09:23pm 17/04/2007
mood: accomplished
:D!!!!! My laptop screen liiiiiiivvvvveeeessss!

I owe Bodgan lunch.. dinner.. my first born.. you know, something tasty. :D!